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Company - the People at Simplifiers

Using today's experiences, we improve the processes and procedures of tomorrow. Therefore, it is our mission to optimize the workflow processes in CAD software. Having evolved from different industries, our young and innovative company benefits from a variety of knowledge in many different areas. This puts us very close to our customer's core areas of operation, helping to develop optimal future solutions.

Our extension modules are developed based on practical user experience and many years of programming know-how, creating individual and reliable solutions that are guaranteed to deliver added value to our customers. What's more, Simplifiers works closely with renowned universities which reflects in our software products. We make sure to maintain highest quality standards even when making minute changes to our products during development. This is ensured by continuous test-driven programming and user-driven development. Simplifiers products are being used and appreciated in various sectors, including by nearly all of the German car manufacturers.

Our guiding principle „Unlike others, we'll make it work“ is at the core of our corporate philosophy. What seems impossible to others is a challenge to us. Where others come up with partial solutions we offer the complete package.

Instead of taking detours, we go the direct route. Simplifiers.

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