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Welcome to Simplifiers

  • Simple-Nesting
    Number one nesting software for Autodesk Inventor

    Using Autodesk Inventor, it is now possible for the first time to optimize material utilization consistently throughout a project, from construction to CAM solution to production.

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  • Simple-Aligner
    Automatic component measurement for Autodesk Inventor

    The high-performance extension tool Simple-Aligner allows you to automatically create measurements of individual components or all components in an entire assembly.

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  • Simple-Draw
    Automatically create drawings (IDW) for Autodesk Inventor

    The state-of-the-art Simple-Draw extension module was purpose-built for the 3D construction software Autodesk Inventor to automatically create production drawings.

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  • Simple-Properties
    Simply configurate iProperties for Autodesk Inventor

    Simple-Properties was developed specifically for Autodesk Inventor to simplify the management of drawings properties and parts lists properties.

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  • Simple-Export
    Export Interface for Autodesk Inventor

    This innovative export interface allows users of Autodesk Inventor to individually configure and generate reports with just a mouse-click.

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  • Simple-Fitting
    Fittings Generator for Autodesk Inventor

    The fittings generator Simple-Fitting allows you to easily and quickly place any kind of parts or assemblies from your database in an assembly.

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Take things to the next level with Simplifiers ...

Save time and unnecessary costs. Simplifiers offers the most powerful extension modules for Autodesk Inventor the market has ever seen. From high functional variety to simple operation and an optimized user surface – Simplifiers offers all the features you would expect from a cutting-edge, high-performance software solution. With Simplifiers you will optimize your company's performance and drastically reduce design times, work preparation times and material use. By tightening up operation methods error rates in design and work preparation are reduced considerably. Simplifiers automates tedious and time-consuming routine tasks allowing you to cut work preparation times by more than 50 percent. Seize your opportunity to work more efficiently and learn more about our unique software. Take things to the next level with Simplifiers.

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Kann man die zeitaufwendige Planung der Ladungsträger vereinfachen und beschleunigen? Und kann man dabei das Transport- und Lagervolumen reduzieren,...

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