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Benefits of the Autodesk Inventor Extensions Modules

Link between CAD and CAM

Full Automation of Conventional Processes


It is our goal at Simplifiers to reduce operation times. Our products are among the most advanced extension modules on the market today. No matter which industry - our focus is always on process optimisation.
By fully automating processes our extension modules enable you to save plenty of time, both during the design stage and when transferring a project to manufacturing. This is due to the fact that conventional routine tasks, which in the past had to be processed manually, are now completed on a fully automated basis.

Simple Operating Concept


It is our goal at Simplifiers to make your operating tasks more convenient. Our modules optimize your workflow in Inventor to a considerable extent. The clever usability of Simplifiers is adapted to the user's intuitive behavior and receives regular praise from its users.
Our extension modules integrate seamlessly with Inventor's user interface and enable engineers to use all software functions right away without training. All functions are easy to understand and feature Inventor-like icons. All existing functions and operating elements stay the same. Quality improves where there is freedom.

Time Optimization


It is our goal at Simplifiers to save you valuable time. By improving the design process and automating routine engineering tasks we were able to create dynamic and efficient workflow processes that allow you to create new time resources in your company. In future, you will be able to spend more time on the creative design process which gives you the freedom to invest more time in improving quality management. After all, our modules are a means to an end, designed to make your company more successful.

Reducing Errors


It is our goal at Simplifiers to avoid sources of error. With Simplifiers you can use positive automation effects and reduce errors in your company to a minimum. Costly errors in design and manufacturing can be avoided. Through their functionality the Simplifiers modules improve the standardization of design processes and speed up engineering performance. Simplifiers modules are the perfect interface between your design department and the manufacturing process. All those involved benefit equally from this important step forward in workflow management, ranging from design, manufacturing, management or the executive board.

Cost Reduction


It is our goal at Simplifiers to save you money. We're convinced that appropriate software solutions are essential to the growth and flexibility of a company. This was our motivation to create the Simplifiers extension modules for Inventor. Using our modules, you will achieve optimal raw material usage in manufacturing and, as a result, will be able to reduce unit costs. Thanks to intelligent warehouse management during nesting residual raw materials from previous orders can be used for current production processes. By using the Simplifiers modules you can increase productivity in production planning and design many times over.

Flexible Integration


It is our goal at Simplifiers not to interfere with your projects. Developing great visions requires the capability to rise above oneself. This was our motivation to develop an advanced solution that you can use to extend your business and which flexibly integrates with your business model. The Simplifiers extension modules do not limit the usual functions of Autodesk Inventor in any way. This makes it possible for engineers to continue using existing design methods and the project work done so far. The Simplifiers extension modules allow users to seamlessly continue with projects that have already been worked on. As the project continues you will appreciate the benefits of the Simplifier tools and will never want to go without these features again. Simplifiers gives you the freedom to do whatever you feel is right.

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