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Simplifier Modules for Autodesk Inventor

Number one nesting software for Autodesk Inventor

Using Autodesk Inventor, it is now possible for the first time to optimize material utilization consistently throughout a project, from construction to CAM solution to production.

Learn more about Simple-Nesting

Automatic component measurement for Autodesk Inventor

The high-performance extension tool Simple-Aligner allows you to automatically create measurements of individual components or all components in an entire assembly.

Learn more about Simple-Aligner

Automatically create drawings (IDW) for Autodesk Inventor

The state-of-the-art Simple-Draw extension module was purpose-built for the 3D construction software Autodesk Inventor to automatically create production drawings.

Learn more about Simple-Draw

Simply configurate iProperties for Autodesk Inventor

Simple-Properties was developed specifically for Autodesk Inventor to simplify the management of drawings properties and parts lists properties.

Learn more about Simple-Properties

Export Interface for Autodesk Inventor

This innovative export interface allows users of Autodesk Inventor to individually configure and generate reports with just a mouse-click.

Learn more about Simple-Export

Fittings Generator for Autodesk Inventor

The fittings generator Simple-Fitting allows you to easily and quickly place any kind of parts or assemblies from your database in an assembly.

Learn more about Simple-Fitting

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