Simple-Draw – Automatically create drawings (IDW) for Autodesk Inventor

The state-of-the-art Simple-Draw extension module was purpose-built for the 3D CAD software Autodesk Inventor to automatically create production drawings. Using Simple-Draw you can create a production drawing of the parts you used with a few clicks of the mouse.

The software automatically creates an IDW file and determines all relevant variables, including the scale and the required views of the part. In addition, it places the external dimensions on the part. Bending drawings are displayed for processed parts.

Also, the title blocks in the production drawings are filled in automatically. This ensures an even and uniform display of the drawing along with considerable time-savings.

Simple-Draw includes the following functions:

  • Automated set up of IDWs for parts
  • Automated placing of most important views with automated control of alignment and scale of parts
  • Automated fill-in of title block
  • Automated measuring of length, width, thickness
  • IDWs can be directly created from the assembly
  • Automated creation of nesting panels IDW
  • Position numbers are automatically arranged around the view

Your benefits of working with Simple-Draw:

  • Strongly increased efficiency
  • Frees up time for actual design process
  • Reduces error risks during design
  • Cost Reduction
  • Even and uniform display of drawings

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